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Ninth Annunciation day procession in Belgrade, April 7th

The Annunciation day procession has been held in the center of Belgrade since 2014 (with a one-year break due to the epidemic) on the great Christian and folk holiday of the Annunciation with the aim of drawing the attention of the state and the public to the serious problems of our society through prayers, fasting and procession: a large number of abortions (one of the highest percentage in the world), a very bad demographic situation (depopulation), the still valid abortion law of dictator Josip Broz Tito and the communist undemocratic regime from 1952, a large number of divorces, family crisis, etc – all of which threatens the biological and demographic survival of the nation.
Therefore, we invite you to the ninth Annunciation day procession after the Holy Service in the Cathedral Church (King Peter Street; Holy Service starts at 9 a.m., and the Liturgy around 10) and walk to the House of the National Assembly and the Church (Temple) of Saint Sava: for the sanctity of life, the joy of birth, for large and happy families.