Pro-life worldwide

Support for summit from Argentina

Dear ProLife Friends,
Greetings from Argentina. We hope your Summit is a great success and may enlighten many people who are working to defend life in the whole world.
We join with all of you attending this Summit in solidarity and we would like to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are with you who defend the lifes of the most vulnerable: the unborn and their mothers.
We would like to make a short contribution from “Marcha por la Vida Argentina” as regards our demographic situation.

In Argentina, the global fertility rate (average number of children per woman) continues to move away from the level that ensures a stable population. The antinatalist policies implemented in recent years in the country are accelerating the decline in fertility and birth rates. Argentina is going to be depopulated.
Birthrates fell again in 2019 (latest data available) this being the lowest figure in recent decades.
The birth rate – which had remained more or less stable in the previous 20 years – has begun to decline sharply from 2014.
The number of births decreased by almost 20% between 2014 (777,012) and 2019 (625,441) and the birth rate fell from 18.2 to 13.9 in the same period. The number of children per woman, which in 2014 exceeded 2.32, fell by almost 22% (1.81). Therefore, it is below the population replacement level (2.1).
It is important to know that in 2014 the Ministry of Health incorporated the subdermal implant (long-term contraceptive aimed at women under 25 years of age) as part of a free program of free drugs distribution. That same Ministry -and with the “technical support” of the local branch of Planned Parenthood- drafted the Abortion Protocol* in 2015. ( *Protocol: free abortion under certain circumstances)
In 2017, the former government implemented the ENIA Plan to reduce adolescent pregnancy (counseling on sexual health, contraception, and abortion). In 2018, the President allowed a legislative debate on abortion to be carried out and although it had a negative outcome, the issue became part of the media, the people in the streets and even in the family. At the same time, ANMAT ( Argentina´s Drug Administration Agency) approved the use of Misoprostol – abortion drug.
The effects of the antinatalist policies carried out in recent years and deepened by the current government, presaged that Argentina will not escape the “demographic winter” that is already prevailing in much of the world.

This information was provided by Lic. Monica del Rio-