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Brisbane March for Life 2024 – Thank you!

What an amazing turnout we had for the 2024 Brisbane for the March for Life. We heard some remarkable speeches from Michelle Pearce (Australian Christian Lobby), Anouska Firth (Right to Life WA), who bravely spoke about her personal post-abortion testimony, Dr. Joanna Howe and finally MP Robbie Katter, MP for Traeger and leader of the Katter’s Australian Party.

Please click HERE to view the rally and footage of the March.

For images of the day, please click HERE

Finally, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated in this significant event, standing up for the sanctity of life. Your presence and support are crucial in raising awareness and advocating for change. Special thanks are due to all the volunteers, donors and sponsors whose generosity made this event possible, particularly Citizen GO, whose sponsorship was instrumental in organizing and hosting the march.

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