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Victory of life in Malta

Malta prolife

Malta has had full legal protection for the unborn child, but has come under intense international pressure over the last year to remove these protections. This resulted in the Maltese Government bringing forward a radical piece of legislation that would have seen Malta go from being the only country in Europe with full protection for […]

PullingBack the Curtain: Labor’s Abortion Expansion and Controversial PillApproval

TGAApproves Easier Access On 11 July, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australia’sgovernment authority for regulating medicines, approved an applicationfrom MS Health, a sister company to MSI International, amendingrestrictions to prescribe a drug called MS-2 Step.  MS-2 Step is theproprietary name for a combination of two abortion pills Mifepristoneand Misoprostol.[i] Prior to the TGA’s announcement, MS-2 […]

Babies born alive bill in Australia

At the beginning of March Cherish life sent an email regarding taking urgent action in supporting the Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Bill 2022. If this Bill was to be introduced it would ensure that every child that has been born alive as a result of a failed abortion would be provided with the […]

Support for summit from Argentina

Dear ProLife Friends,Greetings from Argentina. We hope your Summit is a great success and may enlighten many people who are working to defend life in the whole world.We join with all of you attending this Summit in solidarity and we would like to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are with you who […]

Ninth Annunciation day procession in Belgrade, April 7th

The Annunciation day procession has been held in the center of Belgrade since 2014 (with a one-year break due to the epidemic) on the great Christian and folk holiday of the Annunciation with the aim of drawing the attention of the state and the public to the serious problems of our society through prayers, fasting […]

March for life 2023 – Romania

Organizations from all over Romania and the Republic of Moldova have prepared a new edition of the Month for Life, which culminates on Saturday, March 25, with the March for Life. This year’s theme: “The Future Is Pro-Life”. “The pro-life future starts now,” is stated in the press release of the event. “Hope and determination […]