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Battle for children won, but war goes on..

As you will likely recall, pro-abortion MPs, Stella Creasy and Diana Johnson, have tabled two extreme abortion up to birth amendments in an attempt to hijack the Government’s flagship Criminal Justice Bill. 

These amendments were considered at Committee Stage of the Bill this afternoon but were not taken to a vote and have just been withdrawn.

While this is a positive development, it is now likely that these, or similar amendments, will be re-tabled by Creasy and Johnson or other MPs at Report Stage of the Bill, so this battle is likely far from over sadly.


You may have seen media coverage this week about the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) releasing new guidance that will see medics potentially face “fitness to practise proceedings” if they report illegal abortions. 

It turns out that the guidance was written by a team headed up by Dr Jonathan Lord, Co-Chair of RCOG’s Abortion Taskforce, who is also the Medical Director for MSI Reproductive Choices (formerly Marie Stopes International).

MSI Reproductive Choices is one of the two largest abortion providers in the country that run at-home abortion schemes, which have resulted in an increase in women performing illegal late-term abortions at home.

It will now be much less likely that abortion providers will face any consequences for posting pills to women, without being sure that they are not beyond the 10-week limit for at-home abortions, and subsequently illegal abortions taking place, because medics will potentially face “fitness to practise proceedings” if they report these illegal abortions.


This morning, The Telegraph has run an exclusive story that reveals the huge conflict of interest here. 

This story also includes polling from Whitestone Insight that we commissioned and have released today. 

The polling shows that, when asked whether it should remain the case that a woman is breaking the law if she has an abortion of a healthy baby after the current 24-week legal time limit up until birth, only 16% of the general population disagree.

This polling makes it clear to MPs that there is very little public support for the amendments, proposed by Creasy and Johnson, which would remove offences that make it illegal for a woman to perform a self-abortion at any point right through to birth. You can read the article here.

My colleague, Madeline Page, has also appeared on Channel 4 News, Channel 5’s Storm Huntley show and LBC making a strong case against the RCOG change in guidance and these amendments.

So you can get up to speed with the arguments our opposition are using and how Madeline is countering them in the media, we have put Madeline’s interview with the panel on Channel 5’s Storm Huntley show on our website. You can view it by clicking the button below.