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Matt Walsh Stumps the Left with One                       Simple Question

What Is a Woman? takes on transgenderism. By JACK WOLFSOHN Matt Walsh’s hilarious yet hard-hitting documentary, What Is a Woman?, addresses an issue that is at the center of the culture war: transgenderism. Throughout the film, which premiered on June 1 exclusively for Daily Wire subscribers, Walsh struggles to find anyone who can answer what would appear to be a simple […]

No rules & total freedom: This family’s lifestyle SHOCKED the public in USSR

KSENIA ZUBACHEVA Since infancy, the Nikitin family’s kids were raised to be healthy, independent and creative, through hardening, lack of parent control and abundance of activities. Were they right? A simple wooden house in the countryside. Two small boys and a little girl, wearing just underwear, are playing in a room strewn with toys, books, […]

Love Is In Small Things: Heart-warming Illustrations By Nidhi Chanani

Influenced by Hollywood, many of us tend to over-romanticize love and, ultimately, fail to actually see it when it’s right in front of us. A freelance illustrator Nidhi Chanani is here to remind us that love can be found in small things. Day by day the amount varies, sometimes it’s a kitty kiss or viewing […]

On Marriage

by poet Dusko Radovic WE ADVISE you not to rush; to use your words and feelingssparingly.Don’t spend them all at once.Spread your love and mutual respect across every day of your shared life. SINCE you nicely, freely and unanimously agreed to live in a union of marriage, because you consciously and responsibly decided that it […]