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I’ll Speak For You

I’ll Speak For You  (new short ! film from Australia) Give woman all the rights, so she is only one to blame Abortion stops two hearts 

Summit art (ethno gospel music)

Until the victory of Christ The light in the darkness shines even stronger,through the clouds it shines even more.Living water will also flow through the stone,to fulfill the Holy Mission. Our unity is protecting the Holiness,and love opens all doors,let faith guide our steps,to reach Christ’s victory. Until Christ’s victory, until Christ’s victory, until Christ’s […]

These Illustrations Celebrate the Beauty of Parenthood

As new mothers, we are knee-deep in the pursuit of that elusive “life balance.” There are so many tiny details that made up our day. Moment to moment, it seems mundane. But as we tuck our children into bed and reflect on all we accomplished, those details blend and form a melody. By Stacey Steinberg […]

Ten works of art celebrating motherhood

by Róisín Lanigan Few relationships are as commonly seen in art as the one between mother and child – motherhood has been canonised, elevated and idealised over centuries. As the art world (and the world around us) has modernised the depiction of women, both painted and real, has changed with it. Women have emerged as […]

Love Is In Small Things: Heart-warming Illustrations By Nidhi Chanani

Influenced by Hollywood, many of us tend to over-romanticize love and, ultimately, fail to actually see it when it’s right in front of us. A freelance illustrator Nidhi Chanani is here to remind us that love can be found in small things. Day by day the amount varies, sometimes it’s a kitty kiss or viewing […]

Is Life Controversial?

Placed on the road outside Sidra Medical and Research Centre for women and children in Ar Rayyan, Damien Hirst’s Miraculous Journey is a series of 14 bronze sculptures that depict each stage in the development of a foetus. The installation, which took three years to create, ranges between 4.8 metres (15.75 feet) and 10.7 metres […]