Pro-life worldwide

Pro-life worldwide summit

BELGRADE - May 11-14th 2023


Pro-life worldwide summit in Belgrade in May has attracted large attention. We had speakers and registered participants from 5 continents, from: France, Argentina, Brazil, Uganda, USA, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Ukraine, Montenegro, Russia, etc. Pro-life movement is going through evolution and transformation. Science and religion are on our side. So are the truth and justice. Together we are stronger, smarter and more beautiful. We need to protect every child everywhere. When we protect all unborn children then those who are already born will also be better protected and respected. Pro-life organizations and individuals from all continents and states are welcomed in Pro-life worldwide association. We need to be brave, wise and cooperative and always 2 steps ahead. Anyone who wants to take part in the organization of the next summit or to be among the speakers, please contact us. Join us!

Pro-life worldwide art catalogue “The river of humanity is renewed and purified in children” (Summit exhibition):

We want to gather graphic designers, video producers, volunteers, street activists and others and also help prevent criminalisation of pro-life groups and activities.

We want to show clearly the strong correlation between the large number of abortions performed and the serious demographic problems facing many countries in Europe and beyond.

We are pro-life, pro-women, pro-babies and pro-family!

Dear friends, with great respect for your work for the lives of all children, Welcome to Belgrade 2023: a pro-life port!!

We are stronger together!

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