Pro-life worldwide

Pro-life worldwide summit

BELGRADE - May 11-14th 2023


Dear pro-life friends and colleagues, we are inviting you to Pro-life worldwide summit in Belgrade, Serbia from 11th to 14th May 2023. In this dramatic times we think it is useful and important that we have a global congress and know each other better, to exchange our experiences, learn new methods of action and gain new strength and motivation for new struggles and victories for unborn children.

After the summit in Belgrade, we want to start the process of holding such large meetings every year in a different country. Also, we would like to start with you Pro-life worldwide association, where each country would have its own representative(s) so that we can better monitor events worldwide and react more quickly and better in the protection of unborn children and other categories of the population. So that we can make important decisions together and provide and receive support for important projects. Also, we would like to start pro-life worldwide website where organizations, websites, persons, projects, pro-life marches, books and other issues belonging to the pro-life movement in world will be presented and shared.

We need to upgrade our communications, fundraising, social sets, public relations, etc. Every born or unborn child everywhere is important, precious and irreplaceable – it is human being and has a right to stay alive. All positive achievements from one country should quickly spill over to all others. Quality contents should be translated into other languages. Gifts received from Lord should be


Competition for participation in the international exhibition “The river of humanity is renewed and purified in children.”

We want to gather graphic designers, video producers, volunteers, street activists and others and also help prevent criminalisation of pro-life groups and activities.

We want to show clearly the strong correlation between the large number of abortions performed and the serious demographic problems facing many countries in Europe and beyond.

We are pro-life, pro-women, pro-babies and pro-family!

Dear friends, with great respect for your work for the lives of all children, Welcome to Belgrade 2023: a pro-life port!!

We are stronger together!

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