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PullingBack the Curtain: Labor’s Abortion Expansion and Controversial PillApproval

TGAApproves Easier Access On 11 July, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australia’sgovernment authority for regulating medicines, approved an applicationfrom MS Health, a sister company to MSI International, amendingrestrictions to prescribe a drug called MS-2 Step.  MS-2 Step is theproprietary name for a combination of two abortion pills Mifepristoneand Misoprostol.[i] Prior to the TGA’s announcement, MS-2 […]

Universal declaration of children’s rights worldwide – for adoption on summit

We are happy to announce that “Universal declaration of children’s rights worldwide” (Belgrade declaration) is being prepared to be adopted at the end of Pro-life worldwide summit in Belgrade, May 11-14th. We invite all pro-life and pro-family organizations to take part in construction of this document and it’s adoption.After the summit Universal declaration will be […]

Matt Walsh Stumps the Left with One                       Simple Question

What Is a Woman? takes on transgenderism. By JACK WOLFSOHN Matt Walsh’s hilarious yet hard-hitting documentary, What Is a Woman?, addresses an issue that is at the center of the culture war: transgenderism. Throughout the film, which premiered on June 1 exclusively for Daily Wire subscribers, Walsh struggles to find anyone who can answer what would appear to be a simple […]