Pro-life worldwide

Letter to Scottish Parliament

To Ms. Alison Johnstone, Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament,

all MPs of the Scottish Parliament,

and the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee,

Dear Sirs and Madams,

I am writing to you to voice my concerns regarding the announced legislation in Scotland on “Abortion Services (Safe Access Zones)”. I believe that the bill will have a unilateral effect, as it concerns patients and medical staff, yet ignores the rights and freedoms of other citizens of Scotland, notably people who believe that abortion is a deeply immoral and wrong social phenomenon and want to inform patients and potential patients about the basic facts on abortion, its possible side effects and alternatives. Although this is not to the liking of the clinics that carry out termination of pregnancy, all of this is nevertheless in the best interest of patients, as well as the society as a whole, and is part of the fundamental right of every citizen to freedom of opinion, speech and assembly.

The people who have used this right of assembly for years have been shown to be peaceful, law-abiding citizens, often religious persons, who consider the loss of a human embryo to be a tragedy for the human race and who want to discuss this issue with pregnant women and their partners (often quite briefly) and provide moral and social support to those who unwillingly come for an abortion due to a difficult life situation, but are keen to choose to continue the pregnancy if provided by support and assistance. Medical institutions believe that this kind of civil activism reduces their profits. However, we as a society should not be guided by profits, but by whether our actions are moral, socially useful and in the best interest of people who are seriously considering abortion. Far too many times than we can count it has been shown that many of those considering abortion do not have basic understanding or information about conception, the genesis of pregnancy and the stages of embryonic and foetal development, the types of government and social assistance available to pregnant women and new mothers, and so on.

One inevitable has to wonder if it is democratic and in accordance with the political culture and constitution of the country to carry out institutional and normative violence against the mentioned groups of citizens and their rights, with all other related negative consequences, just to protect the profits of companies working in healthcare?

Considering the current demographic situation in Europe, where all countries have more deaths than births per year, which leads to depopulation, population aging, lack of labour force and numerous other problems, the activism of citizens who try to offer pregnant women and their babies another chance, in order for Scotland to gain another citizen, should receive understanding and support, as a constructive and noble act.

With deep respect and confidence for the very important and responsible work that you carry out in the public interest, I greet you warmly.