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The Hungarian model of family support – politics supporting demography

„Ten years ago, when we won the elections with a 2/3 majority, we made a decision in Hungary that we would come out of the economic, political and moral crisis by focusing not only on economic growth, but also on supporting families. Our primary goal to this day remains stopping the process of population decline. […]

Building a family friendly Hungary

The first decade of building a family friendly Hungary 2023 SeptemberIn 2010 a conservative, Christian democratic FIDESZ government took office, Hungary at thetime was in severe financial and moral distress. The new government committed itself tobuilding a competitive country, with workfare society, that addresses the country’s demographic challenges by supporting families, and that is proud […]

March for life in Berlin

We have visited and supported an important and large demonstration of German colleagues in Berlin on September 16 at the Brandenburg Gate.Crosses for aborted children were placed near the stage so that they all form a heart together. A large number of Germans and other supporters of the pro-life movement gathered. The overture was a […]

Victory of life in Malta

Malta prolife

Malta has had full legal protection for the unborn child, but has come under intense international pressure over the last year to remove these protections. This resulted in the Maltese Government bringing forward a radical piece of legislation that would have seen Malta go from being the only country in Europe with full protection for […]

Rally for life in Dublin 1st July 2023 Join the biggest and most EXCITING pro-life event of the year – the All-Ireland RALLY FOR LIFE – as pro-life people from across the country join together to Stand for Life. We’re marching to celebrate Life, to demand a better answer than abortion  for mothers and babies, and to be a voice for the […]

Summit Program ENG

Pro-life worldwide summit – Belgrade Мay 2023Међународни самит За живот – Београд мај 2023. Friday 12 May 2023/ first block: 11:00 – 15:00 (coffee break 13:00 – 13:20) Lunch break 15:00 – 16:30) Friday 12. May 2023 / second block: 16:30 – 19:00 (Dinner: 19:00 – 20:00)Cultural program (20:00 – 21:15) Saturday 13 May 2023/ […]

March for life in Spain – MARCHA SÍ A LA VIDA 2023

España salió a la calle el 12 de Marzo de 2023, realizando una multitudinaria Marcha que finalizó en Paseo de Recoletos, al lado de Plaza de Cibeles, con testimonios, música, y muchas sorpresas. Este año con más relevancia por las nuevas leyes en materia de aborto y eutanasia. Además, este año hemos incorporado lengua de […]

Marching for lives: Belfast, 11 March 2023

belfast-march-for-life Custom House Sq : Belfast : 2pm : 11 March 2023 This Rally for Life will be the first major pro-life march in Northern Ireland since 2019. At this time in history the pro-life movement is energised by the overturning of Roe vs Wade in the USA, which was a tremendous victory as part […]