Pro-life worldwide

March for life in Berlin

We have visited and supported an important and large demonstration of German colleagues in Berlin on September 16 at the Brandenburg Gate.
Crosses for aborted children were placed near the stage so that they all form a heart together. A large number of Germans and other supporters of the pro-life movement gathered. The overture was a concert by a pop-rock group with appropriate lyrics and messages. At the same time, a march for life was held in Cologne with live streaming and a big screen. The venue, the Brandenburg Gate, is of enormous importance to German history and politics. At the stands, informative material was distributed about what all German pro-life organizations do for the welfare of pregnant women, mothers in labor, unborn and born children. The organizers of the meeting in Berlin showed interest in the work, methods and innovations of their colleagues from Serbia, the Alliance for Life.

It was very interesting and dynamic with a lot of opponents from the circles of the gay parade, feminists, probably anarchists, but the march for life was more numerous and more cultural, more beautiful and better argued, while ignoring the opponents. The police did a professional job without using force and arresting abortion advocates while protecting the pro-life march. Supporters of abortion insulted, provoked, made obscene gestures, imitated American cheerleaders, etc.

The guest from Canada said that euthanasia is not introduced because of freedom of choice and medical considerations, but because of killing the weak, the poor, the sick, etc. The most common real reason for those seeking euthanasia is depression and loneliness – what they really need is friendship and love, not a painless death. An example was given of a young man from Canada, who requested euthanasia due to homelessness and illness.

The collective message is: care, not kill!

We wish to visit again next year and support the March for Life in Berlin.

A song walk through Berlin: