Pro-life worldwide

Nurses and midwives should not perform abortions

A Bill introduced by Queensland Minister for Health Shannon Fentiman aims to empower Queensland nurses and midwives to serve as abortion practitioners during the early stages of pregnancy (up to nine weeks). We need your help – please click the link below to write a submission (2 mins) to the Queensland Health and Environment Committee […]

Pro-life Uganda

Pro-life activism in Uganda by African-life campaign and Abel Peterson.

March for life in Berlin

We have visited and supported an important and large demonstration of German colleagues in Berlin on September 16 at the Brandenburg Gate.Crosses for aborted children were placed near the stage so that they all form a heart together. A large number of Germans and other supporters of the pro-life movement gathered. The overture was a […]

Universal Declaration of Children’s Rights Worldwide 2023 – The Belgrade Declaration

The Pro-life worldwide summit, at the end of the second working day, on Saturday, May 13, in Belgrade, “Belgrade city hotel”, adopted an important document that should strengthen and expand the existing rights of children. Representatives from 5 continents, all except Australia, took an active part in the summit. Before its adoption, the Declaration was […]

Evolution of the pro-life movement

It’s time that the pro-life movement moved on. The world is changing and we need to adapt to the changes, without losing our essence and our mission. Besides classical explanations, it’s good to know: The pro-life movement is really all about love and care for both born and unborn children, for youth, adults and the […]

The River of Humanity is renewed and purified in Children

International Exhibition “The River of Humanity is renewed and purified in Children” will take place during the Pro-Life Summit in Belgrade in May 2023. Creatives from around the world have an open call to participate and be inspired by childhood, parenthood and family. Creativity means joy, and we hope that that river of creativity will […]

USA national pro-life summit 2023

The National Pro-Life Summit is a one-day event that provides education, training, and networking opportunities with pro-life activists from across America.