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The River of Humanity is renewed and purified in Children

International Exhibition “The River of Humanity is renewed and purified in Children” will take place during the Pro-Life Summit in Belgrade in May 2023. Creatives from around the world have an open call to participate and be inspired by childhood, parenthood and family.

Creativity means joy, and we hope that that river of creativity will flow in May 2023 in Belgrade through your works.

Join us and participate! More about the exhibition HERE

Children are really infallible in their wording. That’s an ideal for me! If I could… How much a person is able to ignore wonderful, small things for the sake of some goals he will reach. In the name of something great that will reach or not! When someone is young or quite old, he stands in front of that world, freed from everything that would deprive him of those small joys of life. Even the smallest experience can bring great joy to someone, to someone who lives in this moment… and there is no more… and nothing prevents him from fully living in that moment – said Duško Radović.