Pro-life worldwide

Evolution of the pro-life movement

It’s time that the pro-life movement moved on.

The world is changing and we need to adapt to the changes, without losing our essence and our mission. Besides classical explanations, it’s good to know:

The pro-life movement is really all about love and care for both born and unborn children, for youth, adults and the elderly, for friends and enemies.

We love, inform, protect and support women. But we always tell them the truth because it is our holy duty. We have freedom, given to us by the Lord, but everything we do has consequences. Good decisions have good consequences and bad decisions have bad consequences.

Demography: most of the countries that initially legalized abortion very liberally and then practiced it at a massive scale, are now having serious demographic issues. In all European countries there are more deaths than newborn children per year. Depopulation is gaining a momentum and accelerating. Therefore, the culture of life needs to be restored in order for humankind to survive.

We protect children from different threats of the modern world and therefore our work is noble and important. Yes, we protect children in complex, modern societies (from a lot of different threats and dangers that come in different forms and shapes, and are always changing), and this is not a simple or easy feat, therefore we need a lot of brave, creative and committed people to join our movement on all continents. We need to cooperate and learn from each other on a daily basis.