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MARCH FOR LIFE BRISBANE 2024 – just over 3 weeks away!

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March for life in Berlin

We have visited and supported an important and large demonstration of German colleagues in Berlin on September 16 at the Brandenburg Gate.Crosses for aborted children were placed near the stage so that they all form a heart together. A large number of Germans and other supporters of the pro-life movement gathered. The overture was a […]

March for life in Spain – MARCHA SÍ A LA VIDA 2023

España salió a la calle el 12 de Marzo de 2023, realizando una multitudinaria Marcha que finalizó en Paseo de Recoletos, al lado de Plaza de Cibeles, con testimonios, música, y muchas sorpresas. Este año con más relevancia por las nuevas leyes en materia de aborto y eutanasia. Además, este año hemos incorporado lengua de […]

March for life 2023 – Romania

Organizations from all over Romania and the Republic of Moldova have prepared a new edition of the Month for Life, which culminates on Saturday, March 25, with the March for Life. This year’s theme: “The Future Is Pro-Life”. “The pro-life future starts now,” is stated in the press release of the event. “Hope and determination […]

Marching for lives: Belfast, 11 March 2023

belfast-march-for-life Custom House Sq : Belfast : 2pm : 11 March 2023 This Rally for Life will be the first major pro-life march in Northern Ireland since 2019. At this time in history the pro-life movement is energised by the overturning of Roe vs Wade in the USA, which was a tremendous victory as part […]