Pro-life worldwide

Rally for life in Dublin 1st July 2023

Join the biggest and most EXCITING pro-life event of the year – the All-Ireland RALLY FOR LIFE – as pro-life people from across the country join together to Stand for Life.

We’re marching to celebrate Life, to demand a better answer than abortion  for mothers and babies, and to be a voice for the almost 7,000 babies whose lives are ended each year.

The overturning of Roe v Wade in the U.S. has shown pro-lifers everywhere the value of staying the course, of keeping the light lit for the pro-life message.

The Rally theme for 2023 is to remind the government that Protecting Children is Protecting the Future, and that we need to offer women REAL choices, not abortion.

And we also Stand for Life – for the families of babies with disabilities who are being pressured to abort their beautiful children. For the pro-life doctors and nurses fighting for conscience rights.  To continue our campaign for that the 3-day period of reflection before abortion, which could save almost 900 babies each year, is retained.

Rally for Life 2023 will assemble at 2pm on Saturday 1st July at the Garden of Remembrance on Parnell Square in Dublin city centre.

Come to celebrate life and to be a witness with thousands of others for LIFE.

The Rally is a family-friendly day for the national pro-life movement to be re-energized and strengthened by coming together. BE THERE